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A Black Heart

One morning I woke up finding that I had become a bit of an internet sensation. Emails, comments to my blog like I had never gotten before, messages on Facebook… Each one more awful than the next. Words and phrases like “cunt,” “bitch,” “kill yourself,” “you’re a terrible person,” were used in these messages. Even Mr. Sexy and our families and close friends received disturbing messages like this.

Just Show Up

I have read this cheesy phrase in many instagram posts. The hard truths behind that statement, though, have been realized recently. I have spent the past few months questioning my abilities every day. I have asked God where we went wrong so many times. In the back of my mind, the idea of quitting was following me around everywhere I went.

A Healthy Libido

The conversation often starts like this: “Can I talk to you about bedroom stuff?” These conversations often surround low sex drive, which makes sense as almost half of women living in the US who are between 30 and 70 years old have low libido or have sexual dysfunction. The struggle of libido is a hot …

Being Basic

Everybody wants to be liked, if we’re being honest with ourselves. So why not wear something designed to increase your likeability! Take Sarah, for instance. She represents a few of my clients. I met her at one of my Girl Parties and she went home with one of our most popular products, Basic Instinct. She …